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Thank you for your interest in Beyond Sports Foundation! We rely on support from individuals and organizations to keep our program strong. Whether you are financially supporting our work through donations, volunteering your time or services, or applying to become a Beyond Sports Foundation student-athlete, you can be a critical force in Beyond Sports Foundation’s mission to transform athletic ability into life opportunity.

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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 at 6:30PM
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Our volunteers turn passion into action

You are an integral part of our organization.
You are a critical force in supporting the Beyond Sports Foundation’s mission to help student-athletes living in poverty to transform their athletic ability into life opportunity.

You are our volunteers.
Without you, the Beyond Sports Foundation could not expand its reach into all communities, tutor and/or mentor all student-athletes, and reach our fundraising goals.

Please remember…
Whether it is your time, your expertise or your money, your gift will change lives.

2018 Beyond Sports Foundation Student-Athlete Application 

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Thank you for your interest in applying to the Beyond Sports Foundation! The Beyond Sports Foundation provides student-athletes with academic and athletic support in order for them to become strong candidates for college athletic scholarships. As a result, student-athletes work throughout high school, on and off the field to ready themselves for life after college and beyond sports. Below are the most common FAQ’s. If you would like to be notified when our application process opens, please email

Applications are accepted in January of each year. Applications will not be accepted out of cycle.
What does the application process entail?
All student-athletes applying must provide: completed application, copies of W2’s from both parents (even if student is living with only one parent), school transcripts (unofficial or official), picture of student applying, signed liability waiver, signed photo release, two letters of recommendation from your athletic coach and a core teacher (math, science, English). If selected to move to the second round of the application process, student-athletes and their parents will come in for in-person interviews with a panel of Beyond Sports Foundation staff and board members.
How many student-athletes do you accept each year?

The number of student-athletes accepted each year depends on the funding of Beyond Sports Foundation. Typically, between 10-15 student-athletes are accepted each year.

What are the requirements for acceptance?
To be considered for the Beyond Sports Foundation, candidates must submit a completed application with supporting documents and should in 8th-11th grade. All candidates must have a demonstrated financial need (provide W2’s for both parents) and currently be playing a sport on a high school team.
Can I get notified when the application process opens?

We do not take applications out of cycle, however, if you would like to be notified once our application process opens, email us at Please be sure to include: parent(s) name, email, phone, student-athlete’s name, year in school, sport, school attending/will be attending, and any other information you feel we should know.

Do student-athletes have to come to the office every week?
Yes, mandatory attendance on Sundays and any monthly seminars and/or professional development workshops at the Highland Park office are required. Out-of-season student-athletes must also attend an additional day of tutoring during the week (Mon-Thu). In-season student-athletes must attend 1-2 sessions of athletic training per week (out of season student-athletes 2-3 sessions per week). The additional weekday tutoring and athletic training may be done at our satellite location in McCook, IL (near LaGrange).
How long do student-athletes stay in the program?
Our program is designed to provide academic development, athletic training, professional development, and social responsibility to student-athletes throughout their high school career as well as offer support throughout college. Many of our alumni come back after graduating from college to give back to the foundation as mentors, Jr. Board members, or volunteers.